Shoots enemies around it. Locks on the closest target. Approx firing range (square area): 2-3 blocks in each direction.

Harvester Edit

Sucks up coins around it. Pick it up to receive collected coins. Should be placed in distance (like 2-3 blocks) from Turrets for maximum effectiveness.


Used to destroy broken-looking (formerly Purple Gemmed walls). Shoot it to detonate, turrets can do it either. Can damage you as well as your buildings. Explosion range (square area) : 2 blocks in each direction.


For Rail-droids, so they can go where you want. You can place it nearly everywhere.


Collects treasure fluid from Treasure Goblet. You can spawn them on railway beginning in your base


Easy Medium Hard Nightmare
Turret 75 150 225 375
Harvester 150 300 450 750
Bomb 250 500 750 1250
Rail 10 10 10 10
Rail-droid 50 50 50 50